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What happened to the part of the PCV valve grommet that fell into the engine?

I bought a new grommet for the PCV valve. It has a portion that fits inside the hole that the one I took off doesn’t (no wonder it doesn’t grip ); it must have fallen into the engine. What happened to it? '87 Toyota pickup, 4-cylinder, carbureted, 5-speed, long-bed, xtra-cab, platformate & GL-7, green power crystals.

Probably sitting on the cylinder head, under the valve cover. Not too hard to get to. Small bits may have fit down through the oil drain holes and got into the oil. If you ever adjust the valves, the valve cover comes off for that anyway.

Don’t worry, the green power crystals will protect it. ( I was looking for a sarcasm emoji to put here but could not find one)

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It’s sitting inside one of the baffles in the valve cover. Or what’s left of it is. I wouldn’t worry about it.

:roll_eyes: ?

I couldn’t see the broken-off part, but I fished it out by feel.