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Turns signals won’t work

92 Ford F-150
Turns signals quit working. Switch feels fine. It locks and cancels in both directions. All fuses good. Hazards don’t work either, but if I turn on the hazards the turn signals work. Replaced flasher, no difference. Any thoughts?

You can’t eliminate the switch 'cause it feels fine.

You can’t see what the contacts in the switch are doing.



Sounds like you have it backwards, when you switch off the hazard lights the turn signals work. Also when the hazard switch is on the brake lights may not operate.

The hazard flasher may have failed.

The circuit runs from the ignition switch, fuse 7, the turn flasher, multi-function switch, and finally the turn lamps and dash indicators. Each of those has to work correctly for the turn signal to work.

The turn and hazard flashers are separate parts, and use different fuses. The multi-function switch is intimately involved w/both turn and hazard light functions. Given that, pretty good chance the multi-function switch is the problem. Make sure the grounds back at the tail-light fixtures are making good contact with the chassis ground first. Might be worth a try to remove the hazard flasher and see what effect it has on the turn signals, easy enough to do.

The 92 F 150 does not have a multi-function switch.,1992,f-150,5.0l+v8,1122039,electrical-switch+&+relay,multi-function+switch,4580

And if you notice, the button for the hazard flashers is part of the multi-function switch.


I have a 1990 F 150 A friend has a 93 & I also had a 86 & none had a multi-function switch the button for the hazzard’s is on the right side of the steering column,

Where is your dimmer switch for you head lights ?
Where is your windshield wiper switch ?

Dimmer switch is on the floor activated by left foot windshield wiper switch is on the left side of the dash.

On 91 and older, it is.

My friend’s 93 F 150 is just like mine with just a few miner body change;s sitting inside it is identical to mine.

these are all 92 F-150’s from carfax, they all have multi function switches, can’t find one that doesn’t


I will have to check with my friend it may have been title’d wrong I won;t be seeing him till thanksgiving,but he has had it for quite a few year’s & naver had a problem getting insurance & tag’s.

re: multi function switch on a 92 f150

This might just be a matter of semantics … or schematics … :wink:

From what I’m seeing in the service data the electrical schematics labels the switch that controls the turn signals and emergency hazard lights a “multi-function switch”. However if that ass’y has functions besides the turn signal and emergency flasher, those don’t appear on the same schematics page. The parts list for the vehicle has no part by that name. Replacing that switch on a 92 f150 does not appear to require removing the steering wheel.

Nope. Turns only work with Hazards on. Already replaced hazard flasher as well.

I don’t have any wiring diagrams to refer to but I suggest you check for power and possibly ground going to the turn signal switch. You say they work with the flashers but that may provide a different path for the operation.

When the hazard lights are flashing the turn signal switch has no effect.
How can you tell if the turn signals work while the hazard lights are flashing?

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I think what may be going on with the turn signals while the flashers are ON is when one side is selected for the turn, the circuit to that side either gets connected or disconnected from power, leaving the other side to either flash or turn off. This makes it seem the turn signals are working but really aren’t. I don’t know if the turn switch makes a connection to power or ground, but whichever it is, I suspect there is a bad connection to the switch. The switch is okay, it is just the wiring to it that has an issue.