I have a '94 toyota 4wd pickup. Recently the hazard lights sopped working. When the hazard switch is in (on) the turn signals won’t work. The hazards don’t work at all? Do they run off the same fuse? Any ideas?


Sounds like the blinker that controls the hazard lights is broken.


Do you know where that’s at?


Well, most cars use the same flasher for the hazard flasher as the turn signals. So, it is normal that the turn signals don’t work when the hazard flashers are on. In your case the hazard flasher does not seem to work but is still defeating the turn signals. I’m going to guess the switch is the problem. If the flasher itself was bad then the turn signals probably would not work either.

I’d need a wiring diagram and a meter to track it down for sure, but my best first guess is the hazard flasher switch is bad.


Your owners manual might show where it’s located. Places I’ve seen them at…is either under the dash or on the fusebox.