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Turn signals and emergency lights won't turn on

I have a 99 gmc jimmy. Head lights and tails lights work. But not the Hazzard and or turn siginals. I checked fuses. I’m thinking it might be the plug under the ash tray. But I don’t want to pull off the dash to find out it isn’t that. Any ideas?

Multi-function switch.

Both the turn signals and hazards operate thru the same circuit.

Notice the hazard button on top of the switch?


Flasher relay?

I don’t think it’s the plug. Like said above, either the multi-function switch or the circuitry that performs the flashing function. An auto-electric specialist could do some simple tests to tell you for certain.

I suspect the power problem for those lights is due to a bad fuse or power to the fuse. Power for both of those circuits passes through the hazard switch along with the brake lights. The fuse or fuses for those areas are most likely in the panel under the hood since they have power supplied at all times. If you didn’t yet verify power is getting to the fuse using a test light probe along with making sure the fuse is good then you need to do that. Before replacing anything you need to make sure power is good to that point.