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Turn signals not blinking on 2001 PT Cruiser Limited

I just changed the multi-function switch on my 2001 PT Cruiser, because someone suggested it since my turn signals were not blinking or clicking. The turn signals come on, but do not blink or make that clicking sound at all. They just stay on. The hazards do not blink or click either. Lights and all work fine. It’s just the turn signals and hazards that do not. What else controls the clicking and blinking of the turn signals and flashers. Could it be the relay that’s inside the multi-function switch? I’m almost 100% sure we checked all the fuses, but I could be missing something. Please someone help. Thanks!

There’s a flasher module in the steering column right next to the multifunction switch. That is what controls the flashing in both blinker and hazard mode. I’m guessing (though without a photo of what you’re referencing I can’t be sure) that this is the “relay that’s inside the multi-function switch” you’re talking about. Cheap part and easy to replace.