2001 ford zx2 turn signal module


My left turn signal is blinking double time, but both buls light up so I think the switch/module is bad. Does anyone know where it is located so I can replace it? THANKS!


Had the very same problem on my 95 Taurus.

Checked the emergency flashers and they worked fine.

A quick look at the factory wiring diagrams showed that the ONLY difference between turn signals & emergency flashers was the circuitry in the turn signal switch.

Replaced the switch & problem solved.

Ford calls this a multifunction switch.

Do your emergency flashers work normally & do they use the same bulbs as the turn signals?

Not sure when Ford switched to the European setup with seperate turn signal/emergency flasher bulbs


Yep. Flashers and turn signals all light up, but the left turn signal is blinking in hyper-speed.
Pretty sure it’s the switch, but I can’t find where it’s physically located in the car. Once I figure out where it is I can switch it out and hopefully the problem will be fixed.
Any suggestions for where to look for the switch would be great! Thanks.


The only switch that can cause this problem is the turn signal/multifunction switch &- from your description-it very likely is the problem.

The turn signal lever is attached to this switch & a new switch will come with the lever attached.

Dont know about your zx-2, but on most Ford’s replacing the switch is a simple 30 minute job.

Remove the upper plastic trim from steering column, remove the electrical connector & a couple of screws.

A 20 buck Haynes manual will have instructions on how to do it.