PT cruisers horn, turn signals, hazzards, and door ding doesn't work

I have had this problem for a while now, but can’t seem to figure it out. I’m sure it’s an electrical issue, but I’m not that great with electrical. My turn signals don’t click when I push the handle in either direction. The turn signals come on and stay on but don’t blink like they should. I checked the lights in the front and back and they just stay on but don’t blink. Also my hazards don’t blink. They just stay on and don’t make clicking noise either. My horn doesn’t work and my door doesn’t ding with the key still in the ignition but in the off position. I don’t know of it’s all related or different issues. Can someone help? Thanks.

I would start by checking the fuses in relation to the horn issue. I would think that the flasher unit is bad if the turn signals come on but dont blink, a bad flasher would affect the signals and the hazards.

As far as the door chime, who wants that anyway, they are annoying.

The problem might with the flasher unit. But since you don’t mention the year of your Cruiser, I can’t look up the wiring diagram for the turn signals or the chime for your vehicle.


I checked the fuses under the dash. They’re all good. I still need to check the fuses under the hood. Could it be a relay? Sorry, it’s a 2001.

Also, how would I replace the flasher unit? or how would I fix that?

The problem is with the multi-fuction switch. The multi-function switch contains the combination flasher, the hazard switch, and the turn signal switch.

The multi-function switch is located in the steering column behind the steering wheel. And the stalk on the left side of the steering column for the turn signals is part of the multi-function switch. And the button on top of the steering column for the hazard flashers is part of the mult-function switch.

On some vehicles the steering wheel requires removal in order to replace the multi-function switch. And on others it’s just a matter of removing the steering column covers to replace the multi-function switch.


Be glad you don’t have a 2006 or newer PT, the later ones use a Body Control Module to work these systems and it is outrageously expensive to replace.

Go to Youtube and in their search engine enter, “Pt Cruiser multi-function switch”, and you’ll see a nice video on how to replace it.


Thank you. I’ll try that

“Be glad you don’t have a 2006 or newer PT, the later ones use a Body Control Module to work these systems and it is outrageously expensive to replace.”

Off-topic here but I’ve often thought that these body control modules weren’t expensive enough…meaning that perhaps if they cost more perhaps they would be built better and wouldn’t fail as often.

A new multi-function switch normally doesn’t come with the combination flasher. Before buying a multi-function switch try a new combination flasher.