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Turn signals and hazard lights not working

Recently my Infiniti G20’s turn signals and hazard lights stopped working. I replaced the flasher relay and turn signal switch but it did not solve the problem. Here is the kicker or clue. The lights flash when locking or unlocking the car with the remote FOB. Any suggestions??

Sorry, but you’re gonna have to stop by an Infinity parts department and ask for the schematic. Or, if you can find it online, post it here.

Or, ask for the “initiation procedure” used to set up the Body Control Module (BCM) prior to delivery. I’m guessing it ties the flashers, directionals, and security system into the same system and manages it through the BCM. It may just need to be reprogrammed. I’ve had to do that before to my car after changing the battery.

I believe that mountainbike is on the right track by suspecting the BCM as the source of the problem.

Without knowing the year of the vehicle, we don’t know if the turn signals/hazards are even controlled thru the BCM.


Its a 2002 G20


The BCM isn’t part of the circuit.

The lamps that aren’t functioning are the turn signal/hazards which are mounted on the fender. The stop lamps are on a different circuit which are mounted on the trunk lid.

The wiring diagram shows that circuit first passes thru the hazard switch, and then onto the combination/turn signal switch, and then onto the turn signal/hazard lamps.

Is your hazard switch mounted on the dash?

If so, that’s the next thing to check.


Its mounted on the dash, above the rear defogger in between a couple dash vents.

If you haven’t already made sure power is getting to those circuits using at least a test light probe you would be wise in doing that before doing anything else. Good working electrical parts can’t do much without power getting to them.