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Replaced turn signal switch on 99 lumina, now turn signals and hazards don't work

I had the turn signal switch replaced on my 99 lumina, because my brake lights would not work, afterward everything worked for a week and a half - then the hazard lights and turn signals quit working. I then checked the bulbs, fuses, and put in a new hazard flasher and nothing worked. Thinking that it must have been a bad turn signal switch, I had another one put in. They still don’t work! Brake lights are fine, but no turn signals or hazards. What else could it be? Please help.

I think the one thing both turn signals and hazard switch have in common is the flasher or the connections to the turn signal switch.
Take the flasher out and check this:
The B2 (marked in blue) connection may be missing. You should be able to see a connection to ground on that pin.
If that’s there, check to see whether you have 12V on A1 (green).
If that’s there, connect A1 to to C1 (red) and set the thing to hazard to see if your turn signals come on. They won’t flash but should come on steady with that flasher out.
If you see those lights on steady, you probably have a bad flasher.
If you don’t see the turn lights on steady, your problem is elsewhere; possibly in the turn signal switch.