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Turn signals & hazard flashers

signals & hazard fashers both quit in a 97

mercury sable. both fuses are good & there

is 12v to the hot side of fuse holder. tried new flasher unit, no joy. what else

could it be? HELP

Sometimes a burned out bulb can cause more havoc than necessary with flashers. It could also be a wire that’s rubbed against the body/frame and is grounding out.

Either inside the turn signal/multi switch or , more commonly, the wires in the plug to that switch.
Two multi-wire gang plugs insert into the back of the multi-switch. The wire ends are held into the plug by little tabs that can break with age allowing the wire end to work loose.
With the plastic column covers off you can see the wires in their plugs. Push each one tighter into the plug, you’ll notice when one is very loose. Plugging one back in may solve the problem for a while but a new plastic plug housing is needed for the long term. ( Most likely the Ford part number E6DZ-14489-M @ $7.98 )

The problem could be with the multi-function switch. Both the turn signal and hazard light circuits pass through this switch.


tested everything but the switch, waiting for a morning to do that, been working 6 days & it’s really hot here 100+ today. thanks for all the tips. I probably would have started with the switch, but I was avoiding the stupid air bag.