Turn signal/hazard lights problem

The turn signals and hazard lights have stopped working in my 1998 Mercury Sable. I have checked the fuses and replaced the turn signal flasher part. What can I look for next? Help!

a wireing diagram,maybe?

just a thought.

Does this vehicle have a fuse/relay box under the hood (usually located close to the battery)?

When you say neither are working, do you mean nothing lights up? No dash indicator lights?

Are all the brake lights working?

Yes there is a relay box under the hood but the manual does not show anything related to the turn signals in there. Nothing lights up, no dash indicator everything seems dead. Brake lights are working.

I suspect the switching for the flasher switch is not working correctly but it could be a power problem to the switch. If you switch on the emergency flashers and things don’t work check the dash fuses 15 (hot when ignition is ON) and 29 (hot at all times). If fuse 29 dosen’t have any power on it then check fuse #1 in the power panel under the hood. That may be blown and what is causing this problem. Make sure power is getting through the fuses by using a test light probe or meter to verify that. If the power is good there then check pins 1 and 4 of the multifunction flasher switch for power to those points from the fuses. The wire colors are blk/yel and wht/red.

Yes, you are right. The multi-function flasher switch is bad. Thanks for the help.