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Turn signal

Malibu 4-cyl right turn signal stays on after turning especially if it’s not a full right 90 degree turn. The left side is okay. How can I fix it & how easy? Do I have to take apart the steering column? Thanks for your help.

It’s not going to be fun. You at least have to pull the steering wheel and the lock plate behind it. Somewhere in the steering column is a plastic cam that comes around and bumps the “latch” that holds the signal stalk in place, and that makes it “unlatch” and spring back to the off position. It’s probably a five dollar part, but getting to it is a bit of a PITA.

You’ll need a puller (simple, cheap device from auto parts store) and directions about disabling the air bad if there is one. Most people are scared off from working on a steering wheel with an airbag. However, like electricity, if you respect it, it’s not impossible to work around. Just ensure you don’t deploy the airbag, otherwise you’ll be wishing you put up with an inoperable turn signal. Get a chiltons or motors or haynes and have fun.

For the record, you will need 2 pullers. One to pull the steering wheel and one to depress the lock plate.

Disable the airbag first!