Turn signal will not shut off automatically

When turning right, I engage the turn signal. Normally, when I complete the turn, the signal shuts off automatically. For the last month or so, it will not shut off by itself. I have to shut it off manually. It blinks (on the dashboard)and the exterior lights flash normally. But I have to turn it off manually after completing the turn. The left turn signal mechanism works normally. When the problem initially appeared 3 weeks ago, the horn would sound when turning the steering wheel. Engaging the turn signal lever silenced the horn. Horn is not now the problem, just the right turn signal which does not shut off automatically when completing a right hand turn.

the steering wheel will most likely have to come off to solve this problem. It sounds like the return paul or spring has broken, and it was shorting the horn ring to the horn sw. At any rate this sounds like it began in the multi-function sw. and is still going on in there someplace. If you have air bags, i would let a pro deal with this, but some guys know how to disconnect the power to the air bags in order to take off the wheel, I am not one of them.

Many, many thanks. I will take this to my mechanic rather than mess with it myself. Good advice.