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Turn Signal not Flashing

I have a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and the right blinker no longer flashes. The front and rear turn signals both produce light but they do not blink. Any ideas of what the problem may be?

Possible bad flash unit, and possibly a short somewhere.

Do you know where the flasher would be?

Left signal works?

If it does, listen for the clicking noise when it’s turned on. Likely under the dash.

If the flasher works on the left side then the problem isn’t with the flasher but possibly a bad ground or even (believe it or not) a bad bulb.

See the right bulb works though it just does not flash. The right bulb lights up but doesn’t flash

If the signals flash on the left side, see how many bulbs, front, rear and marker lights come on. Then check to see if the same number of bubls are lit on the right side. Flasher units work by acting like a self-setting circuit breaker. If too little current is being drawn, the circuit won’t break and remains on all the time. I would bet that there is a bulb that is out on the right side. There may be more than one bulb for the turning signals under the rear lens.

There are several ways the right bulb could be the problem.  I would suggest replacing both lamps.  Likely that will fix it.  I suggest using a pencil eraser to clean the socket contacts before putting in the new bulb.