Blinkers on but not blinking

The blinkers slowed down, then quit blinking on our 1999 Oldsmobile 88. We have checked all the bulbs and they are working. I have read it could be the flasher or the relay. Are they two different things? And where are they located?


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You could try replacing the flasher. I don’t know this car specifically, but the times I’ve done it, the flasher was relatively inexpensive ($5-10) and it was an easy repair (if I can do it, it’s easy).

There’s a good chance that will fix the problem. But if it doesn’t, you’re not out that much time or money.

If the turn signal bulbs seems to be as bright as ever on all four corners, then it’s probably the flasher. However, this problem can be caused by

  • corrosion in the bulb socket preventing a good contact between the bulb and the connector
  • corrosion where the bulb socket is grounded to the chassis
  • low battery/alternator voltage

Any of those would cause the bulb to be a little dimmer. But without a before and after direct comparison, it’s possible you wouldn’t notice the bulb is a little dimmer. Still, absent anything obvious with the 3 above, replacing the flasher is where to start.

Can you tell me where to locate the flasher?

Tester posted a diagram for you. You might purchase one at a parts store and someone there may be able to show where it goes.

Thank you!