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Turn signal fuse one in the same as the hazard light fuse?

1997 Saturn SL. My turn signals and hazards do not work. I checked the fuse, it looks ok, is this the same fuse? In the fuse box I could not locate any label for the turn signals, so I assume it is the same fuse.

Check you owner’s manual. There should be a table that lists each fuse, the amperage, and what is controlled by it. Your assumption is probably correct, but you can know for sure if you check the book. If there is no separate listing for hazard flashers, then it must be the same fuse as the turn signals.

Does this vehicle have two fuse boxes like most vehicles?

There usually one around the dash and also a black fuse/relay box under the hood.

There is a fuse for each function. Here is the wiring diagram. Check Fig. 9:

ADDED in the AM: You didn’t look at the wiring diagram. Now, MG McAnick is, also, agreeing with me; but that’s ok, go ahead and take it a shop----something caused the circuit faults and resulted in loss of hazard and turn lamps .

No, my car has only one, it is only an SL. The manual had more info than what was printed on the inside of the fuse box. Hazards and Turn signals out. Gonna have to take it in to be checked I guess.

There are also fuses located under a panel on the side of the console to the left of the front passenger’s left foot.

i will take a look, thx

Needed a new bulb…who knew that Saturn would do that???