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No sound from speakers or turn signal

Have a 2007 Suzuki XL7 (Chevy Equinox with Suzuki badge). I normally leave the radio on when I shut off vehicle When I started the car recently there was no sound from the speakers. I had an MP3 player plugged in so I didn’t notice until I turned on player and the turn signal didn’t click. On this vehicle the turn signal click must not be from the relay but from a sound chip. Next time I started (rebooted?) the car everything was normal and hasn’t happened since. Any body have any idea what is going on?

Check your fuses under the dash and the hood first.

If everything was back to normal after restarting, I doubt you have a fuse problem.

Hopefully the problem doesn’t reoccur or you may need the radio or other components replaced. With the increasing sophistication of electronics in vehicles, problems like this that require a ‘reboot’ are getting more and more common. Even my old 94 has a quirk that occasionally requires me to restart the car and turn the headlights on, then off to make the dash lights go out sometimes.

While a bad fuse wouldn’t work again if it was blown, a fuse with a loose connection could cause this kind of thing. The ignition switch is another possible trouble spot that may cause that kind of trouble.

You wont’ hear your turn signal click because it’s actually tied into the car radio (Chevy’s do this), the chimes are all hooked into the radio, and many cars (Like my ford) don’t use relays any more for the turn signals… my car had a fake clicking from a pezio electric tweeter.
Someting happened with your radio’s output, and because it’s intermitant good luck tryign to find it. Keep an eye on it and if it keeps happening check connections and for loose fuses