Turn signal and hazard lights on nissan sentra not working



The turn signals and hazard lights on my nissan sentra are working some times and all of a sudden they stop working. The problem is occuring almost every day. Do you know what could be the problem?.


What year Nissan? I would be looking for a relay for a start. What happens to get them working again? (left alone all night?


On most cars both of these functions are controlled by a single gadget called the flasher unit. It seems as though yours has quit, a common problem on any car. Locate the unit and you can replace it yourself. It simply plugs in. And, it’s cheap.


wIt’s a 1997 nissan sentra. When I start in the morning it’s working. But after a while it stops working. Some times while running if I leave the turn signal on after a while it starts working. So there is no definite pattern to it. I thought it’s only the turn signals. But yesterday when the turn signals are not working I tried the Hazards and it’s also not working.


Turned out it’s the flasher unit. I noticed that when I pulled the wires attached to the flasher it started working. But it only worked for a few days like that. So I replaced it and it’s working fine now. Thanks for all the suggestions.