Turn signal activation

periodically both turn signals do not work,the arrow does not light up on the dash when not working,and other times they work fine.Is there any electrical issue found with this model? I would have to think it would be a loose connection at the switch inside the steering column,if the flashing device was defective wouldn’t you still see a solid arrow show on the dash cluster? Lately noticed the issue comes back in more humid weather.HELP!

It would have helped to have the year of the Malibu listed. In any event…this sounds like a classic case of a failing multifunction switch. Tip: Your brake lights usually don’t work when the turn signals are out. This repair is not a DIY project because the airbag system is involved. A good mechanic can troubleshoot this malfunction for you. I would avoid the dealership unless your vehicle is still under warranty.

the malibu classic is a 2005 with a 2.2L motor,it is my 82 yr.old father’s car,and I am currently trying to contact him with regard to whether the brake lights are also out at the same time.this condition happens very rarely,and started about a month ago

upon further investigation,I am told that the brake lights do work on the malibu even though the turn signal does not at rare times