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Turn signals don't work occasionally

I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu. I have a problem that my turn signal occasionally don’t work. It is both the right and left at the same time. I turn them “on” and they just don’t work. Sometimes it will click a few times and then turn off. This will last for about a day and then it works OK for about a month.

I can’t seem to find a correlation between anything such as rain, using it a lot, etc.

I don’t think it’s the bulb or the fuse because when they DO work they blink at the normal speed.

I’m afraid to take it in to a repair shop for fear I’ll spend a lot of money to have them “fix” it and then it won’t really be fixed. It is impossible to make it do this, it just happens!

The most likely suspect is worn contacts in the ‘multi-function’ switch that the turn signals are a part of under the steering wheel. This seems to always be the case when I have those same issues. A lot of cars have these switches in a way that the entire assembly must be replaced. Very few are made that certain parts of this switch can be replaced or rebuilt.

I have this problem with my 2004 chevy malibu. I have found that its the contacts in the hazard switch (when they get too hot from the heater bein on for a while) they dont work properly. If I slightly press the hazard switch or wiggle it they will work normal for a while again. I’m begining to think if I were to replace that switch they will work properly but I have not checked into a price cause its just cheaper to wiggle to switch.

I think half the people in my city have this problem…or at least it seems. Especially those on cell phones! lol Good luck fixing your problem! :slight_smile:

Your multifunction switch is failing. That switch fails on GM cars and trucks a lot. Most of them lose brake lights when the turn signals don’t operate. You might want to see a local independent mechanic and get the vehicle checked out. No turn signals is dangerous enough without adding the loss of brake lights.

+1 on checking the hazard switch. I have a pickup truck where the turn signals stop working until I play with the hazard switch and they start working again.

Ever since the “new” Malibu has come out in 1997 they have had a problem with the brake lights. The problem comes from the type of bubs used (the type with the exposed single strand of wire for a contact) Other vehicles that use this bulb type also have problems (front turn signals on BMW X5 comes to mind). For the Malibu we were instructed to replace the bulb socket also. This meant replacing the entire rear light assembly (including colored lens).

I had the same problem. It’s the hazard switch. It’s a cheap part (under $20 on Amazon) and about a 10 min fix.

You pop off the bezel (plastic thingy with screws located in front of gauges), unplug the the cord that leads to the old one, plug in a new one, snap the bezel back in place.

I’m having the same problem I have a 1999 Chrysler LHS and the turn signals only work when they want to now the only difference with mine is that I just replaced the multiswitch with a new one which costed me $93.99 and installed it myself and yet it still does the same exact thing I don’t know what else to do if anybody could please give some advised as to what else it may be. Thanks in advance

Yeah I’d go to the junkyard grab a couple hazard switches and try them out before buying a new one I have the same problem but when I wiggle the hazard switch it fixes I’ll be visiting the junkyard myself soon