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Turn + Hazard signals don't blink

Car is 2000 Corolla with 58k miles. Today, I had my hazard signals on while parked when suddenly…they stopped blinking. The signal lights in the dash just stay on…they do not blink. I also verified that both front and rear lights also turns on…it just doesn’t blink.

The corolla has a fuse box under the hood in the drivers side. Here is the schematic for the fusebox:

From what little I know about mechanics/electricity, can I just pull the wiper fuse and put it into the turn signal fuse while I wait for a new fuse? Do I need to disconnect the battery?

Can someone confirm this is the part I’m suppose to install:

in my vehicle there is a little flasher module under the dash that make the lights blink. yours may be the same setup. I don t think the fuse is the problem. just replace the flasher module, I can t remember the proper name. you can prob just manually operate blinker until you pick one up. I think they just plug in

@Wesw; is probably right and thats your problem.

If you go to the auto parts store and buy a new one, then you will know cwhat to look for under the dash. It may not be the same color, or it may be a little shorter/longer, but if it plugs in…you’ve got the right part.

But check the fuse and if it is blown, you can swap that fuse until you get a new one.


Can someone verify this is the part I need:

Autozone also has these parts:

Not sure which part exactly I need. What is the difference between “Relay - Turn Signal” and “Flasher”?

Without circuit testing no one can tell what needs to be repaired or replaced. If you wish to try a new flasher remove the old one from the drivers side J/B and take it with you to the parts store to verify it matches the one in the parts stores catalog.

should be the flasher since the lights work, they just don t flash.