Flashers and turn signals turn on, but don't blink. Fuses okay

I have a 2002 Toyota Corolla. The turn signals and hazard lights will come on, but won’t blink. There are two different fuses, both of which are indicated by the manual as “turn signal lights, emergency flashers.” Both are okay. Bulbs are all working. What else could it be?

I seem to remember years ago in a car I had, there was an extra something near the tail lights that controlled the blinking, but that memory is fuzzy.

Thank you.
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The4 attached link should help. You probably just need a new flasher.


Thanks! Is that accessed from inside, through the dash, or under the hood? The diagrams were unclear to me.

From inside.
Any Toyota dealer’s parts guy should be happy to print you a procedure for changing the flasher at no charge. Just ask nicely.

Okay, thanks!