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Tune up Info

I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on what frequency I should change the spark plugs in my 2003 Honda Crv. I have 60k on original plugs and I am noticing motor is running a bit different lately. I am starting to think about a tune-up… The only thing I have done to the car is oil changes and air filter thus far.

You should at least have sparkplugs removed and inspected. If not for anything else, just to make sure the sparkplugs don’t seize into the sparkplug holes feom being left in too long.


If they’re the original plugs then they probably need changing. If you’re doing it yourself…then get NGK plugs (OEM plug for that vehicle). Pretty easy job on that engine.

ty- would u suggest I use some anti-seize when I re-install?



Always take them out when motor is cold.