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Recommendations for spark plugs

I plan to change my spark plugs this week. My honda accord 2002 EX 4 cyclinder 2.3 L uses platinum spark plugs.

My manual gives 2 specs:



Any recommendations on which one I should choose? (Autozone also sells NGK laser platinum…is that better than regular NGK one?)

Also, my manual does not mention wires. Should I change the wires along with the plugs? Does the wire set have to match the brand of spark plugs? Autozone offers bosch, duralast, and valuecraft…which is better?

thanks for your replies

I would use either plug specified in your manual. Given the relatively long plug change intervals these days with factory-specified plugs, I don’t worry about out-guessing the manufacturer with aftermarket plugs. Little to be gained, and some cars don’t seem to like non-stock plugs.

thanks! I found discount auto parts carry NGK wires so I think I want to stick to same plugs same wires…but should i change the wires or leave as is? also, do i need to by any antiseize stuff?

Assuming these are original wires it wouldn’t hurt to change them, do they have cracks in the insulation or other signs of wear? The NGK wires would be fine, no requirement to match them to the plugs, won’t hurt. As for anti-sieze, if it is specifically made for spark plugs, then I would use it, carefully following the directions.

Use the spark plugs specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

Just replace the spark plugs. If there’s a problem with the plug wires, it will show up after replacing the spark plugs by causing the Check Engine light to come on with a misfire code. And if that doesn’t happen, the plug wires are good.


I too vote for OEM specified plugs. While others may object, if the OEM service length is (something like) once in a typical chassis lifetime, I lightly apply anti-seize compound to the plug threads, especially if it is an aluminum head. Just lightly.

Anyone poised with a “you’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” comment? 8^)

thanks everyone. I’ll just change the plugs. I know that when i take them out that I should inspect them to see the condition they are in. Anything I should look out for particular? Other than replacing the plugs, do I need to clean anything? thanks

P.S. I understand that the engine must be cool. Do I need to disconnect the battery? (just making sure I have everything covered;) thank you!!!

Don’t be surprised if the part numbers given in your owners manual have been superseded with newest, latest and greatest parts…

No, you don’t have to disconnect the battery for spark plug replacement.

If the plugs are a little reluctant to come out, and they might be, don’t force them. Turn them back and forth, a little bit at a time, and work them out slowly and easily. The plugs are steel, and the head is aluminum. You don’t want to damage the threads in the aluminum head.

When I recently changed the plugs in my Accord’s engine I had to shoot a bit of penetrating oil onto one of them, after it was broken loose, to facilitate removal, even though I applied anti-seize compound when I installed the plugs 30K miles ago. Three came out pretty easily, but the forth was reluctant.

Make sure you coat the threads of the new spark plugs with anti-seize compound before you install them.

Do you have a torque wrench? I always torque my plugs as specified in the service manual.

Don’t over-tighten the spark plugs. Again, this is to prevent damage to the threads in the head.

It probably came with the NGKs, stick with NGK. A little anti-seize, don’t get it on the tip of the plug.

Those two manufacturers are like clones, use either one.