2006 Honda CR-V glow plugs

how often do i need to change glow plugs car is running fine but has done 135000 miles doing major service its a crv 2.2 exc advice on any other thing i need to do apart from oils and filters.

check your owner’s manual in the glove box. Or you can get one online if needed. It has lots of recommended service intervals for things like:
changing timing belt (if you have one)
changing brake fluid
changing coolant
changing transmission fluid
changing plugs

Diesel cr-v?

They offer a diesel CR-V across the pond.

Glow plugs aren’t replaced until they stop functioning.


Well that’s a new one on me. Yep agree with tester. As long as it starts, no problem.

ok thanks peeps that’s what my mechanic said today but he’s a if it anit broke don’t fix it type lol.
Will do other serviceable parts.
And yes Tester we have crv diesels in the Uk thanks for reply.

Also, they don’t all fail at once. If the engine runs on three cylinders for a short time after starting, and then starts running on four, you have a bad glow plug.
One way to get a diesel with bad glow plugs to start is to take a heat gun and blow the hot air into the engine’s air intake while someone is cranking the car.