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Tundra ignition key problem

I have a 2001 Tundra. When I went to replace the ignition lock the manual siad I have to turn the key to ACC, but the key slot is stuck and I can not get to that point. I sprayed wd40 over and over. I order for me to remove the ignition I have to get it to ACC and depress a button underneath the ignition to release the cylinder. How can I get the cylinder out if I can’t get the key to the ACC position? I I jamb a screw driver in and force it will that work?

I would not try to force it. These things are designed to resist that sort of abuse to prevent theft. Can the car be driven? It is not clear from your description of the problem. What do you mean by, “the key slot is stuck”? If it can be driven, I would call some locksmiths until I find one willing to attack it.

I can put the key in, but it feels sticky. wd40 does not help it anymore and the key only can turn half the way to the ACC.