Key gets stuck in ignition - 2012 GMC Terrain

Key gets stuck in ignition when shutting car off. Not every time. Showed it to GMC mechanic who said to run car through the gears multiple times, but that doesn’t work. I usually end up leaving the key in the switch and locking the doors with the app and coming back about 15 minutes later and it will release. If I wait to long it runs the battery down.

Have you ever tried switching the car back to “on” (not restarting) and back to off to see if it will release? Probably will need a new ignition switch.

Is the key just getting stuck in the keyhole, or will the cylinder not turn all the way to off where you can pull the key out?

Has anyone tried spraying a little silicone or graphite into the lock cylinder?

Thank you for responding. Yes, we have tried to switch it to On. That doesn’t work either. I have even tried moving the car to another parking space to see if that would realign things. Doesn’t seem to help. Mystified as to why the GMC mechanic just shrugged it off instead of trying to replace the ignition. I guess because it is sporadic?

The cylinder will not turn all the way (as it does when the steering wheel locks-but the steering wheel still has play in it-is not locked) we have not tried graphite spray, good idea.

If you have another spare key, you might try that one. I’ve had the key cylinder get hard to turn and it was just because the key was worn down.

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