Wrong Key in 2001 Ford Escape ignition

Yesterday my husband was replacing the brake line on my 2001 Ford Escape. He started the car bled the brakes and all of that good stuff. Then when he went to start the car the second time to roll up the window he accidentally grabbed the key to our Saturn and put it in the ignition. It went in smoothly and in fact he didn’t even notice until it wouldn’t turn. Now the key won’t come out! He took apart the steering column looking for the ignition release but here’s the catch… the key has to be in the “ON” position to release the ignition. Is there anything we can do to fix it or is this going to be something a dealer can way over charge me to fix??? Any help is appreciated!!!

Call around and see if a local locksmith can help out, with an on-location service call. He may have some techniques that will help out out.

I agree that calling a locksmith is a good answer.
Your husband is not the only one that has done this. A couple of years ago, my wife called me from her office and said that her key fob wouldn’t work and she couldn’t get the key to open the door on her Toyota 4Runner. She had a doctor’s appointment, so I dropped everything and drove right to her office. When I got there, her 4Runner was gone and she wasn’t around. There was, however, a Honda Pilot in the lot that was the same color as her 4Runner. At any rate, her secretary came out of the office laughing. My wife had tried to take someone’s Pilot. She realized the mistake before I got to her office and had gone on to her appointment.

Well it seems that the information my hubby got from his dad worked… he used a little WD40 and a small pick like tool to release the tumblers that were holding the key!!! Thanks for everyone’s advice! We both have SUV’s that are ten yrs or older so I LOVE this site!!!