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Key gets stuck 1998 chev metro

I was going to turn off my car and the key got stuck. I had to jiggle it a bunch to turn it all the way off. I had the starter replace because i thought that was the problem of the car not starting. I kept doing it. I read that if I turn the steering wheel a few times and turn the key that may work. It did - until tonight.So I sprayed some WD40 (I don’t have graphite) into the keyhole. Pretty soon the whole gizmo may pop out? First it was the starter, then the license plate light, now this. H

Definitely sounds like a worn lock cylinder to me. I would leave it alone until you get it fixed. Replacement requires the lock cylinder to function properly, or at least to be able to move to the “run” position. If the key will move to “run”, replacement is easy and straightforward. A new lock cylinder can either be bought at the dealership or any auto parts store or locksmith. If you have a spare key, you can have a locksmith “code” the cylinder to use the same key. The dealership will do this automatically with the VIN. Get it fixed now before it gets any worse.