Key Stuck in Ignition In Cold Weather

I have an '01 Isuzu Rodeo. When it’s really cold outside, my key gets stuck in the ignition. It appears the reason for this is because the ignition does not turn the entire way off. It turns enough to turn the car off, and the battery is not in use, but it doesn’t go to the “locked” position that releases the key. If I run the care for awhile and blast the heat, it will eventually release. How do I remedy this?

First, you might try lubricating the lock cylinder with some graphite.
If that doesn’t work, you will probably need to replace the lock cylinder.

If lubricating doesn’t help and you want to jury-rig a solution, you could always pick up a cheap 12-volt hair dryer to do the job quickly. I see some online for under $10.

Does you key ring have 18 keys 23 discount tabs and a pair of fuzzy dice on it?  That can cause wear of the lock.  If someone has used oil or WD-40, then it certainly needs to be cleaned and lubed with a material  made for locks.