Trying to locate a lock actuator for Pontiac Solstice

2006 Pontiac Solstice. The driver side door handle “actuator” is broken and I am unable to find replacement parts. Apparently, GM no longer makes parts for this car. I only have 30K miles on it and it is otherwise in pristine condition. My local body shop and GM dealer have been unable to help me. Would a Saturn Sky unit work for the Solstice?

That doesn’t tell me enough. What do you mean by actuator? The handle? Inside or outside? The outside is available from RockAuto

Or are you asking about the lock actuator… also available from RockAuto.

Trying to by Saturn parts to fix a Pontiac is not going to help. They both were discontinued about the same time. If the part were the same, and available, any GM dealer would know this.

According to my body shop it is the lock actuator. The problem is with the inside driver side door handle mechanism.

According to my local GM dealer they no longer make that part for the Solstice.

Is RockAuto a website or a local store?


Yeah, parts for 13 year old discontinued car are going to be hard to find.

Yes, it would, because they were mechanically identical to your Pontiac.
However, if GM isn’t making/supplying Pontiac parts, then they are surely not making/supplying Saturn parts.

Your best bet is probably a junk yard/auto recycling center, but because these vehicles–under both badges–sold in such incredibly low numbers, it might be quite awhile before a junk yard can come-up with the part that you need.

The actuator rod does not break because its made of galvanize steel but the plastic clip that hold the actuator rod to the back of the door handle can. This clip is available if you buy the door handle.

Your title states, “lock actuator”.

In your post it states, “door handle actuator”.

Which is it?


Door handle actuator. The driver side door handle doesn’t work in order to open the door from the inside.