Passenger Door Does Not Unlock 2012 Sonata

For my 2012 Sonata, the passenger does not unlock unless I reach over from the driver’s seat and manually unlock it. It used to intermittently work, maybe once every 25 attempts, now it doesn’t work at all. Any thoughts or suggestions regarding repairing it?

With all the problems you have with this thing any chance you bought a Flood vehicle . How long have you had this because these sure sound like a lot of problems that are a little out of the ordinary.

My best guess a bad actuator. If you are into tearing apart the door and verifying voltage is going where it is supposed to would be my thought.

I bought this car many years ago. It still had factory warranty on it.

That’s what I thought. I’m wondering how difficult it would be to fix this. I removed the driver’s side door panel on the other side today (for a different problem) and it wasn’t much of a problem to remove and replace it. I’m guessing the door panel on the passenger’s side will be the same thing process. I wonder how difficult it will be to remove the actuator and how much the replacement part will be.

Rock Auto has the door latch assembly for $65.,2012,sonata,2.4l+l4,1502000,body,door+lock+actuator,13257

I replace a lot of door latches/lock actuators and I don’t work on flood cars.

Thank you for the link. Would you be able to suggest a video for this procedure? Are there any tricks to this to help make it easier to avoid making things worse?

Wear gloves. Blood makes finding all the screws difficult. No, really… working inside a door makes you look like you lost an argument with an angry cat.

Work steady, take pictures before the actuator comes out.

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Thank you for your reply. I have two questions.
(1) If I removed this part and then found myself unable to reinstall it, would this cause this door to not stay shut?
(2) Have your purchased things from before? Are they reliable? I’ve seen their ads on TV, but I found their website a little odd and was suspicious.