NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 GXE Door lock Actuator

When I operate the lever on driveside door, it locks and unlocks three doors except driver door. I showed it to a dealer, he wants to replace driveside door lock actuator cost part 145 USD + labor. Can the lock actuator can go bad…? Do I have to open the driverside door panel or Just the control panel which holds the window up/down button alonogwith door actuator lever button.?

Is there any fuse used by this driverside door lock actuator…?

Pls. reply

Does the drivers door ever lock electrically? If you manually lock it, does it unlock electrically from anywhere? Does it respond to the switch on the door inside, or the remote, or the key switch outside? If it never responds it is either disconnected or faulty. Either way, you have to remove the door cover. This does not sound like a control panel issue unless it works from other points.

There is a harness that may not be plugged into the switch on door panel. Disconnected, it may not create a complete circuit, even with remote… this will be very model/year specific.

Some testing is in order.

Also, if someone was whacking around with a slim-jim, to unlock vehicle, some wiring could be messed up.

Likely, panel will need to be pulled, which is way easier than the rest of the job.

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No it driver door doesnot lock/unlock electrically. My car does not have remote. When entering the car, I unlock using key. Pls see the attachment. If I operate Door lock unlock button from Fig 1.0 I can lock/unlock all the other doors except Driver door. To lock Driver door I use the manual switch shown in fig3.0

So the lock works mechanically just fine, either with the key or the lever by the handle inside, but it does not work electrically with the button on the armrest. The problem is either that the wiring to the actuator is disconnected or the actuator is broken or otherwise not functioning. The wiring to the master switch is OK, because it works for everything else. To trouble shoot this further you have to take off the inside cover of the door. Either get a service manual or find someone who has done this or pay a mechanic or, my choice for an 11 year old Altima, live with it. If it was mine, I’d fix it, but I would take off the door cover. If you aren’t about to try that, then save the $ and just use your non-electric lever and key.