2003 Chevrolet Astro - Actuator question

How to check door actuator . Door will only open with a


Remove the inner door panel, and see if the door actuator is working properly.


On an 18 year old Astro, I’d just use the key. Unless it’s only something like an actuator rod fell off or something else easy and cheap to fix.

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Doing repairs of this type on an 18 year old vehicle doesn’t seem to be cost-effective, IMHO.
Engine repairs on an 18 year old vehicle?
Transmission repairs on an 18 year old vehicle?
Keyless entry repairs on an 18 year old vehicle?

in addition to the actuator, it could be the rod clips. They’re what link the lock rods together, and if they’re made of plastic, they get brittle over time and break. The actuator is working fine, but it’s lost its physical connection to the actual lock.

It can be hard to find those things sometimes, and of course going to a junkyard just means you’re getting another old actuator.


The “HELP” section of most auto parts stores usually has an assortment of these clips. That would be another example of a cheap fix I would possibly attempt.

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