Trying to identify what this is on my 2008 Kia Sedona

I’m trying to find out exactly what this part is? Or what it’s the cover of. It’s what is circled in the picture kind of looks like a canister type thing?

That’s part of the valve/timing chain cover that houses the camshaft cam phaser


Yep, a cover, no cannister. There could be part of the variable valve timing mechanism behind it.

Any reason it would be making a whining noise upon acceleration?

When was the last time the oil/filter were changed?

And, are you using the correct viscosity oil?


also it could be the waterpump right next to it making the noise. or belt pulley or tensioner. sound travels.

oil was changed a couple days ago at 95,000 miles. Calls for 5 w20 so that’s what I’ve used.

Yes, but how often has it been changed, on the basis of both odometer mileage and elapsed time?
(Hint: on a vehicle that is driven–on average–only about 7k miles per year, the elapsed time factor is more important than the odometer mileage factor)

And… I have to ask:
Why was the engine removed from the vehicle? What symptoms/problems led to the removal of the engine?

Not my engine. It was one I found off eBay and was easier to get a picture of what I was looking for so you know. Also oil has been changed every 5,000 miles.

Remove the drive belt, start the engine and see if the noise is gone.


I will try that I’m a below the elbow amputee on the left side. So I’ll try to do that, but if I do that and it stops the noise what does that mean?

if the noise stops it will narrow it down to the belt tensioner, the belt idler pulley or the water pump and alternator that are driven by the belt.


you can get one of these for about $20 to help track down where the noise is coming from.

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Yeah that’s what I used to narrow it down to the area that I was questioning. Thank you though for the recommendation!