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2007 Kia Sedona hard start and noise

Good morning guys, my wife’s van just had an issue. Of course this happens when I am about to go in a business trip. Let me start by saying that we have never had a problem with this van. It now has around 75,000 miles on it, and was last driven yesterday. We went to start it up this morning, and it was very difficult to et running. If you wanted to stall, (had to keep my foot on the gas and I could tell the motor was missing), but I’m more concerned with the metallic top end tapping the motor was making. It sounded like a bad valve tap so I turned the motor off , checked the oil level to make sure I did not leak the oil out (last checked three days ago when I got gas). The level was fine, so I started the motor again… ran the same but this time cleared up and ran fine with in 10 seconds. The noise went away and it ran smooth as silk again. Turned it on and off a few times and it was fine each time. My wife is driving it now and says it feels fine. So the question is what do you guys think happened ?? The motor it self is still under warranty but not the ignition or fuel parts. Any ideas are welcome!

Incorrect Oil Filter (Non OEM Or Not Meeting OEM Specs) ?
Incorrect Oil Viscosity ?

Many newer vehicles have variable valve timing that can be altered when using filters or oil outside of the required specifications.

Kia issued a Technical Service Bulletin on this topic to help technicians diagnose some symptoms, including ones similar to ones you describe. Also, after market filters could void your warranty on engine damage they cause.


Well the oil is the right viscosity, but I have been doing my own oil changes and using STP I think. However I have been doing the same thing for 10,000+ miles. I have about 3000 miles on this change… I will do an oil change this weekend and see what happens. Just so strange it happens all of the sudden like that.

Same Brand Oil Filter Every Time ?


KIA has a TSB 028 that addresses valve noise when the engine is first started after sitting for several hours. The fix is to replace the hydraulic timing chain tensioners with updated tensioners.


" KIA has a TSB 028 that addresses valve noise when the engine is first started . . . "

I didn’t see that TSB, but could this vehicle still be covered by drivetrain warranty ? Perhaps it would become a warranty repair so long as Kia doesn’t balk with an after market oil filter installed. There were several hits on that topic when I took a look at this before. I believe some owners were even looking at a class-action suit against Kia for requiring their parts be used or have warranty work refused.

I think I’d try an oil change and OEM filter before pursuing it if it looks like a warranty issue, just to make things go a little more smoothly.


Yeah the car has a 10yr 100k power train. I talked with a friend of mine who is a District Service Mgr for Kia and he said CSA and the oil control valve is probably right, and its covered by warranty. So oil change when I get home on Friday night if its no good to the dealer on sat.