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Trying to identify this

1975 dodge sportsman rv dodge f30

Looks like an EGR valve timer.

I looked it up and this looks nothing like it I google searched but nothing concrete and cant find it on autozone site…0…1…0i71j0i8i13i30j35i39j0j0i20i263j0i67j0i273j0i22i30.jYGTKOYTCcw

EGR timer.

I look it up keep get getting ether
Egr timer or switch eletric speed the switch eletric speed looks more like it the
3874129 link from this website but I cant find it took it to autozone too and they was completely clueless as I was I keep thinking it’s some kind of module

Near the end of the article,
“I also got a green 3874129 out of a 1977 Dodge van a while back, but I haven’t tested it yet. One of these days…”

That looks like it could be the number on the lower right corner of your part.

I was at work I’ll take a photo of my when I get home

The bold type part number and the small part number next to the Pentastar match those on the electric speed switch at Mopar Truck Parts. That must be it.

Yeah that’s what I think too but when I look it up I dont find it on google or autozone app maybe I need to keep scrolling threw the google pages

You found it on line. Why not just buy it from them? You might try looking it up on Rock Auto, NAPA,or any of the larger car parts sites on the web. Even if it takes a week to get, that’s better than never finding it at your local car parts stores.

Did you not see thier photo makes me wonder if they even have working products

Of course I saw it. Call or email and ask if parts are new or used. Maybe this part isn’t made anymore. The listing at MTP says the part was not used after 1979. That’s 40 years ago. You might try posting on a RV bulletin board. They may know whether the part I should built now, or if a replacement part can be substituted.

Yeah dont think thier made just figured they would of had something to replace them like I usually find of refurbished I’ll contact then when they open but it looks like along shot how long can a circuit board last it wonder and can they even be repaired the part looking like that would be fine if they wasnt asking 55 bucks for something that looks like mine hell idk know it mine works or not I just know it’s old and was replacing everything under my hood for newer parts wish I could find away to test it and also that stuff drips on engine like tree sap lol

Get your ohmmeter out and check continuity on the three pins at the top, center of the printed wiring board (PWB) inside the package. It looks like those should mate with the pins in the connector. If there is an open circuit on all pin combinations, then it’s toast and you need another one. Is that brown stuff on the PWB foam or is it mystery slime growing on the board? It looks like the gook covers the rightmost pin I mentioned above. That’s not a good sign.

That gook it part of the part it some kind of protection should I try scrap it back carefully and just reseal it with something it if still works

Your google must be broke I found this and more in about 2 seconds.

With the EGR valve capped off replacing the delay timer will be pointless.

So have another issue which i am confused about i had both the alternator and battery tested and both are fine and still the battery dies to the point I have to hook up cables to jump start it after about 15 minutes