2003 Dodge ram 1500 4.7 acting funny

First off I’ve owned it about 1 month it has 42,000 driven very easy by a 69 y.o. man. The check engine light came on. Still running great. Will occasionally go off but comes right back on. The other day I stomped on it moderately from a stop sign at about 25 miles an hour my speedo hit zero and it died. I stopped it re started and drove away still driving normally, Check engine light still on. 1 day later I went to pass a car on the highway, I hit the passing gear, did the same thing but It perked back up without me having to start it. I’ve driven it 3-4 times since then taking it really easy trying to listen and feel any changes. I’m calling around to find the cheapest place to put it on a scope and see what codes it’s giving. Any ideas???

Most parts stores, O’Reilly’s, Autozone, etc will scan the check engine light codes for you for free.

Yes, as MG says you don’t need a scope, just have the codes read. I have a very strong hunch the problem is the EGR valve. Very common problem with those symptoms.
New EGR valves are about $70 and are an easy DIY 30 minute fix on those Rams.

I hope that’s what it is. Drove great today infact the engine light went off for about 20 minutes. But then as I was leaving the house I was coasting through a dip and it died, I wasn’t on the gas at all in fact I was slowly breaking doing about 10, 12 mph. It started right up continued to my destination drove great didn’t do it once. I found a place that will read the codes for free, going to do that tomorrow.

If the speedo hit zero and it died, more than likely the problem is with the Vehicle Speed Sensor. This sensor not only operates the speedometer, but also sends a signal to the computer. So if this signal all of a sudden gets messed up, the engine computer doesn’t know what to do, and the engine falters or stalls.

Having the codes read will determine if the problem is with the VSS.


I got the codes po344 camshaft position sensor A (B-1) (KT Intermittent. The tech, reset the check engine light, I drove away fine then stopped couple blocks away went inside came out truck wouldn’t start, still chugging definitely not a battery thing. I waited about 10 minutes it fired up. Drove back to work, running fine no stalling out later in the day it happened again, the no starting thing, but not the stalling thing. The guy recommend I take it to my local dodge dealer or an auto electric place, what are your thoughts?