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Gas smell, code for EGR valve on Dodge Gr. Caravan related?

Well, I thought that gas smell was just because I stepped in some at the pumps. But it comes back whenever I fill the car to around 3/4 full. So, I took the van in today but the mechanics were mostly busy - one guy took a quick look up on the hoist and he said he saw no evidence of leaks - but said could be the filler neck and to watch for leaks on fillup. They said that the gas tank for this 3.0 litre V6 is “plastic” so that should be ok. The engine light has been on (not flashing) lately, so I had the dealer scan the codes - they said EGR valve needs replacing. But I wonder - the 3.3 and 3.8 ltre engines have a recall for O rings near fuel rail that degrade over time - but none of the carfax things mention a recall for the 3.0 litre. What the heck is a fuel rail? Do you think the EGR code is related to the gas smell? The filler neck is quite rusty and it prob. wouldn’t hurt to replace it - I was wondering if I could do it myself - tho’ some of the screws are so rusty (like they’re stripped) on the plastic cover over the filler neck - I wonder if I could get them off with my basic tools. Do you know where I can see a picture of the parts and how they go together online? I will probably take it in again later this week when the mechanics aren’t as busy, but I would like to go in with some expert guesses as to what is the problem (I realize it will be hard to tell). BTW I have to drive for about an hour to get to any of the mechanics.

I think you are on the right track with the filler neck and over 3/4 gas tank and fuel small. BUT this is a major or could be a major hazard so I will have it checked ASAP. The EGR code might be related to gas leaking out of the neck, at least that is what I think, others will pitch in.

Thanks for reply. I can get it in today with a guy - and he seems ok, but he does things that are a little off, like when he puts the van up on the hoist, it seems to whack into the roof of the garage before it stops, and he always has me turn it off in neutral which feels really wrong to me. There is another garage that seems good, but they can’t take me till tomorrow afternoon - maybe. And I sure don’t want to go to the dealer! I also want some time to shop around for parts - I guess I should be doing that now. I am so happy it’s prob. not the gas tank.

Update - had the EGR and filler neck replaced. The filler neck was really bad. I still don’t know if EGR code was related, but decided to replace it to be on the safe side, cause I heard it could hurt my type of engine if it is not replaced when failing.

Prudent move.

If he’s using a type of rack that lifts the vehicle using vehicle lift points rather than the drive-on ramp type, neutral is normal.

He whacks the van into the roof of the garage before stopping? Ouch!

Good to know that neutral is normal for that lift. He put the car up on the suspension cause the points are kind of old- but I’m wondering if he should cause another place I went used the axles in this case.
Bad news. I have noticed since I had the work done that I have WAY more steering wheel free play (it was really good before) and also the suspension seems shot - it is all mushy - BTW I had major work done on the struts last year, and also I replaced the rear shocks last year. Also it doesn’t start as well as it used to. It used to start right up, but now it “clears its throat” first. What did they DO to my van? I would take it in somewhere (I don’t want to go back there) but it is Saturday and its really hard to get in anywhere. What should they look at if I take it in?

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