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Trustworthy Honda dealer/service center in Chicagoland?

Hey car gurus -

I’m really hoping someone can recommend a trustworthy Honda dealer and service center in or around Chicago. I’ve been going to Honda City, where I bought my 2008 Fit but am struggling with them and not trusting their answers. Can anyone recommend another dealer? I need my transmission checked before the warranty is over.


How about finding a GOOD independent.

Try searching in the “Mechanics Files” from the Cartalk site:

(Note to Web Master: IMHO, that link would be very popular, but it is hard to find).

Other than that, follow MikeinNH’s advice. Talk to friends, colleagues, etc., to see whom THEY like. And remember that you do NOT need to use a dealer except for work done under warranty.

A quick note from the webmaster. We’re coming to the end of a year-long redesign process, and the updated site will launch in the early to mid fall. The Mechanics Files has much higher prominence in the new redesign. So, hang in there!


Doug Mayer