New Honda Trans needed

Was just told by the dealer that our 2000 Honda Accord with 82,000 needs a transmission. It’s been slipping, we noticed.

The dealer’s price is $2600 and a major car chain’s price (begins with a double a…) is $1900-$2100. I know that the dealer will use all new parts in a possibly old housing. Not sure what the chain will use, but they said it’s rebuilt. Any advice on which way to go? same warranty on both - 1 year/12,000 miles.

Inquire at the dealer about special arrangements Honda has made with some customers about the absolutely terrible transmissions that were in these cars. Do some web searching about it. You’ll come up with a lot of info. Try to get Honda to foot some of the bill (like maybe 50%).

If you don’t get anywhere with that, try option 3 - a local, independent transmission shop. Dealers do not tend to have the best prices and don’t outperform independent mechanics in terms of quality. Stay out of the major chain places. Some locations are ok, but on average they do not provide very good quality/service.

You need to take the car to an independent transmission shop.
Whatever you do, DO NOT take it to the “AA” place, or to Lee Myles, or Cottman, or Mr. Transmission, or any other chain operation.

The lower price quote from that chain place may be appealing, but unfortunately they have a well-earned reputation for poor workmanship, as well as failure to honor their “nationwide warranty”, based on some bizarre technicalities.

An indy shop will probably charge no more than “AA”, and may in fact charge less.
But, even if they charge more, they will be more likely to give you an honest diagnosis and good workmanship.

Absolutely do not use that chain. It sounds like Honda has already given you a break on the $4000 price so I would go with them and they will likely have a longer warranty on it.

$2600 is not to bad for a Honda Dealer…Ask if they are going to rebuild YOUR transmission with new factory parts as needed or are they going to install a “factory” rebuilt transmission. A “factory” rebuilt transmission means the transmission came from a rebuilder that Honda Motor Company has contracted with to supply “factory” transmissions…

I have had the best luck with going to an independent shop that services tranmissions for police or school bus fleets.

That dealer price is really good. Stay away from the chains…I was at my local Honda dealer several weeks ago buying parts and I got into a conversation with their trans tech. He told me that they dont rebuild transmissions anymore, they just replace them with factory remans. He said most Honda dealerships are following suit.


Thanks for that info. I found a number online to call to ask for a “goodwill repair” from Honda. They recommend calling that HOnda number rather than the dealer. I’ll see what happens. Can’t hurt!

It would be factory rebuilt with new parts and possibly an older housing. NOt using mine at all. It’s sent to my dealer from the factory.

yes, that’s what we were told. It’s all new parts, rather than just replacing what might be broken like another shop might do.

My local AAmco services the buses in town, so maybe they would be good!

Usually the Honda (dealer) offical rebuilds have a 3yr/36k warranty not 1yr/12k.

Here’s what is going to happen…Your transmission will be removed and replaced with a rebuilt unit obtained from a Honda-certified rebuilder. As Andrew pointed out, the 1 year / 12,000 mile guarantee is too short…Maybe that accounts for the good price…I would ask to see the shipping label that was attached to the transmission when it arrived in the dealers parts department. They may be playing fast and loose with the term “Factory Rebuilt”. Find out what factory. Don’t be bashful, it’s your money…

…or maybe not.
In my opinion, the odds are not in your favor with that chain type of operation.

Here’s what I did in July. 1998 Accord with 239k miles, auto trans slipping. Burnt fluid, metal filings on magnetic drain plug. I bought a rebuilt trans from Jasper, had it shipped to my Honda dealer for installation. I also had them install all new motor mounts at the same time. Trans price $2575. Motor mounts approx $600, installation approx $1200. Total all parts, installation, taxes, misc $4500. The trans is guaranteed for 100k miles or 3 years.

You may be getting a good deal at $2600. The short warranty makes me think you’re getting a less than Jasper quality rebuild.

I have been inside some of Jaspers rebuilds after they have failed. (Both transmissions AND engines) They tend to mix-match parts from different engines and transmissions to get their units together. I’ve never recommended them to anyone after seeing that. I still would stay with the dealer reman on this one.


You spent $4500 fixing up a 12 year old car with 239k that was worth no more than $3650, but more likely worth just $3275? (those are EX w/v6 values)

Wow. I can understand spending a little more than blue book value, but not that much more, especially on something that is already that tired.

The quote from the dealer is a good price for replacing that transmission, although I would try to get a better warranty. There is another rebuilder out there called Tri-Star. Their engines and transmissions are warranted for 3 years with unlimited miles. Their units are also priced competitively with Jasper, but usually a little cheaper. I would definitely want a better warranty than 1/12k for a transmission. For the installation, any decent shop can replace a transmission.

You’re not the first one to have that response. When I told my son what I had done, he asked “Did you ever think about buying a new car?” I told him “not for a minute, not for a second. This car is in great shape, has been well maintained since new, and we like it. How do you expect me to get 1 million miles on it if I give up at 239k?”

RE: Honda dealer. My dealer told me Honda doesn’t rebuild transmissions, and recommended Jasper.

Consider a scrapyard trans from a wreck with fewer miles. Then sell the Honda before the next trans fails. How can you know that a rebuilt will last longer than the original?

On the other hand, a new trans every 10 years may be tolerable.