Trunk opens without remote

the trunk opens without using the remote, when you try to open it by pushing up on the trunk, it does not happen. example. when you go in at night the trunk is open. when you come out in the morning the trunk is open.

your keys or something else in your pocket is probably pressing the trunk button.

sorry. in my example the trunk is closed at night.

It’s probably still something in your pocket pressing the trunk button when you walk around inside.

Do a test an leave the remote somewhere out of range for a night. Don’t take the battery out of the remote as then we could have programing issues. I never saw the condition myself but I had perhaps a half a dozen customers reported too me (over a 15 year period) that someone elses remote worked on their car. This was with RF remotes, I would find it easier to believe IR remotes would do this but not the “rolling code” technique use in RF remotes for the past 15 years or so.