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Trunk locks

My new Milan hybrid has no valet key and no way to bypass the remote trunk lock release. I want to secure the trunk by installing a new lock and disable the dashboard remote trunk lock release. The dealer tells me this cannot be done. Any suggestions as to how I can secure my trunk when giving the key to a parking garage attendant?

One idea that quickly comes to mind is to unplug the solenoid or disconnect the cable (for trunk latch operation) and a seperate lock cylinder for the trunk (one that only you have the key to).

When you say “bypass the remote trunk lock release” do you really mean “disable” the remote trunk lock release?

Are you looking for a way to do this through a programing menu? Perhaps this is the type of request that generates a “can’t do it” response from the dealer.

If you do not want to give your remote key to the valet at a parking garage have your dealer cut you an plain ignition key…

Thanks for the answer. Yes, I want to disable the remote trunk lock release. I don’t understand what you mean by a programming menu.

With some cars there is a menu you can work with when programing remotes,you use it to enable/disable features like auto lock upon movement of the vehicle. I thought you may have been looking for a way to disable the trunk release feature through a selection in the basic programing of the remote.