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2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Keys in trunk

Twice I have accidentally locked my keys in the trunk of my 2018 Toyota Camry hybrid. It is nearly impossible to get into the trunk without a key. The car will NOT let you lock them in the car - just the trunk/

Somehow I don’t think this is the vehicles or manufactures fault.


Good thing it’s not totally impossible.


Do rear seat backs fold down?
My convertible seats got wet once. I lost my keys.

This car didn’t come with a spare key/keyfob?

Yes the car came with a spare but I do not carry it and was 40 miles away but thanks. To the sarcastic answer about not being a manufacture’s problem, my point was if the technology exists to block you from locking keys in the car, why not use it for the trunk as well.

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Then that is you point you should have made. I had no idea that it was impossible to lock your keys in any car. I think I could lock my keys in my 2012 Camry, but I have never tried.

I think that this “problem”–in regard to the trunk–is common to all vehicles.
If anyone can post factual information about vehicles that don’t allow you to lock your keys in the trunk,
I am ready and willing to be corrected.

Too many things are kinda implied here, not explicitly told.

I would assume 2018 Camry would have the type of keyfob what you do not need to take out of your pocket to operate car, but it is only an ASSUMPTION from my side.

All my Nissan/Mazda/Honda vehicles having that kind of key would prevent me from leaving it inside the trunk and closing the lid, it will beep and re-open it.

Now, I can not imagine Toyota would cheap-out on this particular aspect, so either it is a “hard key” OR the vehicle is defective. Most likely it is under base warranty, so why not to bring it to a dealer?

The technology that allows you to lock keys in a car has existed for over 70 years. Nothing new. I really don’t know what you’re complaining about. You made a mistake (twice)…move on.

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As most of us don’t have a Camry, if you explain what type of keyfob you have and exactly how this happens, we might have more input.

If it’s a key fob, that’s a transmitter of sorts, and the receiver is in or next to the start button. The closer you are to the start button the more likely the signal will be read. I’m guessing, but I suspect the steel of the car is enough to shield the receiver so it only works when the fob is inside, but the trunk may be too far away from the start button to let the receiver note its presence.

Well not all of us are as smart as (s)he is.
AT least you didn’t reply to an old thread. That’s one of his pet peeves, it seems.

If your Camry is equipped with the Smart Key system there is an antenna in the trunk that should detect if a key is present and not allow the trunk to remain latched. If your Camry has conventional keys there is no protection against locking the key in the trunk.

It is a smart key so I will check with the dealer next visit. I ran an experiment. If I put the keys in the trunk and then go and try to lock the car it will NOT lock. However if I lock the car first then go and toss the key in the trunk and close it, it beeps for a few seconds but the trunk does not pop open nor do the doors unlock. Strange…thanks to all who responded.

What I can’t quite figure out is why this scenario would ever happen. You put the key in your pocket or purse. Throwing it in the trunk after locking the doors should be one of those “yes, technically this could happen but it never will” scenarios

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If the key is in the trunk with all doors locked, the trunk release button on the trunk lid above the license plate should allow you to open the trunk.

The keys live in my purse along with my wallet etc. I arrive to go somewhere that does not require my wallet (eg. exercise) so I lock the car and not wanting my purse visible I put it in the trunk. Yes it is careless on my part but the technology is there to prevent this momentary lapse from destroying my day.

Other cars have the feature you want. My 2017 Honda Accord EX-L won’t let me lock my keys in the trunk or the passenger cabin.

I had an “Oh, crap!” key made for my Corolla for exactly that sort of situation. It won’t start the car since it doesn’t have a chip in it but I keep it in my wallet for emergencies. I had to go to a locksmith but he knew exactly what I wanted. Have a similar key made if possible and keep it in your shoe or someplace.