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Truck Pulling Severely

02-F150-4.2L-102k. Truck was rolling down the road at approx. 35 to 40 mph. A speed bump/table appeared out of nowhere and was hit before beeing seen. Immediately since this event, the truck pulls to the left while applying the brakes. It pulls very hard and is fine while rolling down the road. Is there some damaged steering component or did one of the calipers go out from the jolt?

Usually this would be a sticking brake caliper, but since the problem occurred right after slamming into a speed bump, it’s possible something got bent. I’d put it up on a lift and check everything over, including the alignment.

If it is a caliper, would it be the right caliper not fuctioning properly since the left one is grabbing and causing it to pull to the left?

Yep, I’d jack up the RF wheel and spin it by hand while someone steps on the brake. If it appears to be working even somewhat, then repeat on other side to compare. Inspect for damaged lines/hoses.

You could also have damaged a wheel bearing, a ball joint, a tie rod end, and any number of other articulating parts that if they fail will cause a wheel to fall off or fold in, resulting in a serious crash. I urge you to not drive this vehicle until you have the cause diagnosed. Yuou could cause a wreck and serious injury to innocent people…not to mention turning a $400 problem into a $9,000 problem.