Pulls to left and wobbles felt like a sudden blow out

Ford F150 1982 4WD regcab
When i was driving ti work this morni g when i got into town felt like i had a blow out but when ipulked over to look all tires were sound. Felt like i wasbeing pulledto the right passenger side. Nothi g aeems wrong with truck but it was dark.what problrms should i be looki g for? What think I should do? Shops are closed and no extra money atm for repair

Likely a failed wheel bearing. And NO, you can’t continue to drive on it until you get some more money. Sorry.


Does it pull when braking or just coasting?

Could be the wheel bearing or a broken tie rod. Look under the front end, if a tie rod end broke, the tie rod will be hanging down.


Car and trucks don’t care if you have any money, they just break and need repair anyway. Especially when they are 35 years old.

I hope you parked it at a shop and got a ride home.

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My ball joint broken. Yes its parked. I live my old truck and can have a mechanic friend come fix it for me at home. I have another vehicle now. So my old Francine is resting lol. Thanks for advice everyone

you drove home with a broken ball joint? ford trucks are tough.

Check to be sure all the lug nuts are present and accounted for and that they are all properly tightened down…