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Car pulls to the left an right when brake hard over 40

OK so when I’m driving on freeways or highways and I have to break hard for some reason my streeing wheel always pulls in some direction I don’t want it to go. forcing me to hold it straight ive lived with this problem for a while but I’m doing 500 miles trips this weekend in the car and am concerned about if I had to brake at higher speeds etc any ideas what might cause my steering wheel to pull left and right

This could be caused by a number of things. All of them are putting you and other drivers at risk. Please get your car to your local mechanic in the next day or two to check this out and get it fixed. Your brakes could be badly worn and causing this. Some component in your steering could be worn, your tires could be worn or low on pressure. Since your car pulls left and right I am suspecting a steering/suspension piece is loose and depending on where it is sitting when you brake is the direction it sends you. Worn brakes or tires would usually head you the same direction.

+1 to Steve’s comment.
My best guess is that this car has badly-worn front end components, which is a safety hazard.
Get this checked–and fixed–before the trip!

I agree with the others. Trying to drive 500 miles with this issue could injure you or someone else.

Make mine another vote of support for Steve and VDC’s comments. Consider this vehicle unsafe until the problem is diagnosed… because it is. You could easily have a ball joint ready to come apart, and you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a wheel folded up under the wheel well. It ain’t pretty.

My vote is with the others; get this looked at and especially the ball joints. If a ball joint separates and luck is on your side with no on else around you will slide to a screeching halt without rolling over.

I wonder if this is the vehicle that KROD obsessed about the fading paint. If so then this person has his priorities completely out of whack.

@‌volvo v70 its actually my 2003 nisssan maxima and the car i was worried about the paint was a car i was selling and im go see my mechanic tomorrow to see whats up hope its a simple fix