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Pulls to right, loses power, then goes away

I have a Dodge Ram 1500 2 wheel drive truck. While driving on the highway, it will sometimes start to pull to the right, vibrate slightly and slow down/lose power, as if something was impeding one of my right tires from turning. It feels like something is seriously wrong, but then it will then go away and drive normally after a couple minutes.

What’s happening?
Should I take it into a tire shop, or regular mechanic?

Sounds like a caliper is sticking…But without seeing the truck it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s going on.

Is the Engine still running well???

Engine runs very well. I have put on almost 40k miles since buying new in 2008. Have never had the brakes checked, though. Could a caliper start sticking even after driving for 1/2 hour on highway without touching the brakes?

Regular mechanic. This is not symptomatic of a bad tire. This is symptomatic of a braking system problem. Or perhaps even a binding wheel bearing.

By the way, what year is it and how many miles are on it?

It’s unusual…but stranger things have happened.

Could also be a wheel bearing…you need to get this checked…Take it to a mechanic…NOT a tire shop.

In most areas you can find local, independent shops that specialize in front end/alignment/suspension work. These will also be tire and brake shops. That’s the kind of place I’d want. I’d not use any kind of chain store operation.

Thanks for all the comments. It’s nice to know there is someplace I can go to get some feedback. I think I’ll take of the right tires this weekend and check the brakes to see if there has been any evidence of a caliper sticking. If not, then I suppose I’ll have to check the bearings.

When you jack the corners up and before removing the wheels, try spinning them by hand. Yous sound intermittant, but if the cause is a dragging pad heating up the fluid on one corner and thus, by expansion, applying that brake, you may just be able to feel the drag by hand. That’ll might you whether or not it’s the front or the rear.

I’d also be jacking it up to inspect first, but if nothing comes of that you might also, if at a safe spot, pull over right after one of these episodes and feel the wheels for temperature variation.

This is a very weird thing - even if it was an old vehicle. Considering its only an '08 w/ only 40K miles its especially weird. I wonder whether you’ve done any kind of search for recalls, TSBs, etc.

What size engine?

My bet is that it is a caliper sticking. that would account for the pulling to the right, losing power, and probably a vibration.