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Truck pulls to the right when braking

I have a 2002 F350 4x4 diesel. When I brake it pulls to the right momentarily then straightens out almost immediately. I’ve heard that this can be caused by bad ball joints, but I just had all four replaced less than a 15,000 miles ago, and I keep them greased regularly(every oil change). The rotors are a bit warped, but would that cause only a momentary pull? Other than that the brakes are good. I’m sure that the shocks are due for replacement. Tire wear/pressure is good. I had an alignment when the ball joints were replaced. Any ideas?

You probably have flexible brake lines at each wheel (I don’t know the truck’s specifics but that is typical). I would start by changing those - especially the fronts. There’s a good chance the the interior of those hoses is breaking down and impeding the fluid flow to one of the wheels.

At this age its not a bad idea anyway, so I’d just do it figuring it wasn’t a bad maintenance move even if it didn’t correct the problem. If you want to actually verify why this is happening before doing anything at all I’m sure somebody smarter than I can give you some tips on that.

If one of your calipers is sticking, thus not closing at the same time as the other, you could also feel this as a momentary pulling. Have you taken a good hard look at the brakes?

If it’s pulling to the right, then it’s the left brake hose. Jack up the front, put on jackstands. Have an assistant apply ther brakes. Try to spin the left one and then the right one just to get an idea what you’re feeling. Have assistant release brake, you will probably find the left one releasing a lot later than the right. If that happens you have an imploded brake hose. If you don’t find a problem there, then I would suspect a bad suspension part.

Your left caliper may not be working at all…you need to have an assistant help you while you have the front wheels off. apply the brakes and see if you can still spin the left wheel…if so that caliper…or its rubber hose is at fault… Or a diverter valve assy if you have one… But check the brakes…HIGHLY SUSPECT

Those rubber lines have several failure modes…one of them is they collapse inside preventing pressure to flow…another is that the re-enforcing material breaks and the hose blows up like a balloon instead of transmitting the pressure to your caliper…


Thanks everyone! I will be replacing the hoses soon, and checking the calipers out while I’m at it. I’ll definitely keep you updated, especially when I realize/fix the problem.