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Truck muffler advice

I have a stock muffler on my 2004 GMC Sierra pk up 4.8 V8, single exhaust truck,and would like to replace with one that has a

slightly louder, mellow sound.

Not something that will wake up neighbors,or have the cops pulling me over.

It isn’t the muffler that makes the sound, it’s the engine. Unless you are planning to remove the catalytic converter, you might not notice any difference in the sound. I bought a 1976 V-6 Skyhawk with no muffler and I didn’t even know it. I was never one to be too careful.

Put anything you want on it and it will make almost no difference in sound…

Completely disagree. A low restriction muffler like Flowmaster 40 or Super 44 will make a very noticable difference. Futhermore, I didn’t have any mufflers on my Bronco, just a y pipe coming out of the converter with 2.5 inch pipes culminating in 4 inch tips and it was loud enough to set off car alarms when I would rumble by.

I humbly submit the following. Note : these are all cat-back exhaust systems, the stock converter is left in place, the muffler and pipes aft of the converter are replaced.

Straight pipes after the cat

Flowmaster super 40’s


Dynomax Bullets

Cherrybomb glasspack

As you can clearly hear, there is significant differences between what a stock truck sounds like and one with the muffler replaced.

I agree with FoDaddy on this one. The exhaust system has a profound effect on the sound a vehicle makes. Some customized trucks have a resonator on the exhaust system, which can have the desired effect the OP seeks. Besides, we are talking about a pick-up truck, not a midsized economy car like the Skyhawk/Cavalier.

Thanks FoDaddy,nice links, and Whitey.

I also disagree with pleasedodgevan2